School Closings

Our automated call system will alert you to any emergency closing or delayed opening via your home phone and cellular numbers. Please do not immediately call the school when you see that a call has come through. It is imperative that you check the message so that your call is not placed unnecessarily since the school phone lines are usually tied up due to the tremendous amount of coordination that must take place. Notification to bus drivers and and service providers require our most immediate attention. Therefore, we urge you to make arrangements well in advance so that whenever the weather appears to be threatening, there will be no need for you to call the school.

All school closings, delayed openings, and emergency early dismissals will be announced on Twitter, Instagram and our school PTA Facebook page. You may also call the school and press "0" for the main menu and then press "7" for school announcements.

If school is dismissed early, we advise you to have someone at home to meet your child upon his/her arrival, or to make arrangements for him/her to go to a neighbor.

Please plan ahead.